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Lab Services 

Nevysta offers a wide variety of testing, ranging from routine diagnostics, including NPIP & Egg Rule testing, to customized project specific methods. Our experienced team has an in-depth understanding of the importance and relevance of lab services in relation to the needs of the poultry industry. We provide the highest quality and accuracy of testing, confidentiality, and timely reporting.

We do not add unexpected or hidden charges such as submission, accession, handling, disposal or out-of-state fees.

Contact the lab for additional information on available testing.

  Our Testing Capabilities 

  • Salmonella screen, culture, serogrouping, and serotyping 

  • Bacterial cultures and enumeration 

  • Serological testing including ELISA 

  • Molecular testing including PCR and sequence typing of pathogens 

  • Customized testing protocols for research 

Lab Services : Research
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